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Zaor Onda Angled Cherry

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The ONDA stems from the request of some of our customers to combine a light, but solid work desk with some rack spaces on the left and right hand side, at the same time providing a surface on top of those rack spaces to put some studio monitors. The focus is on durable quality with side panels, front arm rest, top panels and feet being crafted from solid local oak.

It comes in a straight version, with the two rack bays running in parallel or angled at 18 degrees, providing a trapeze shaped work surface, widening towards the back. As a further customer wish granted, the ONDA has a lowered panel in the back of the work surface, allowing to place a screen on its foot level with the desktop. There are cable passages in all the right places.

Considering the diversity of musician/producer’s needs, the ONDA can be easily adapted in width, height, angle and number of rack spaces to fit all kinds of configurations, such as adding controllers, mixers, deeper or no screen drop down. So with a few mods, anyone can create a very personal yet affordable production desk that comes flat packed and with very sturdy mounting kits, so that if you need to move your studio one day, you can disassemble your desk and put it up in your new location.