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Zaor Monitor Stand Black/Grey (single)

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When you are looking for a pair of solid, well built and nice looking speaker stands you are faced with little choice or very high price points and most of all, a great lack of flexibility:

Most constructions have a fixed height which might just not suit your particular situation: As every hifi and pro audio enthusiast knows, you need to constitute a perfect triangle between your head and the two loudspeakers and that can be tricky – what with furniture and other gear filling up the space. This is why ZAOR, who are dedicated to finding unique solutions, has come up with a nice range of adjustable speaker stands.

Of course the other important requirement from a great speaker stand is that it does not resonate when exposed to sound like most of metal stands have (a ringing at around 800Hz). ZAOR Monitor Stands are made from solid oak or ash wood and plywood, which has practically no self resonance, plus they come as a standard with Aerstop coating which isolates the speaker from the stand to a large proportion. So if you like real speakers, that bring a certain weight to the scale, you will find the right speaker stand here!