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Zaor Miza X2 Titanium Wengé

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Miza X2 will replace the current version of MIZA X, that features built-in height adjustable speakers stands, with a new version that comes with a pair of Zaor Isoplanes, featuring IsoAcoustic’s Aperta delivering superb acoustic isolation and thus a much better Stereo image and transparent low.

MIZA X2 is the flagship of the MIZA line. With its exeptional features (integrated speaker stands, …) this piece of furniture is without equal!
When user dreams come true. The genesis of this project was indeed a customer’s wish for the perfect desk. The ensuing dialogue resulted in this studio center, which will give every PC based studio the look and feel of a real studio! Everything is integrated, from the giant drawer for controllers, master keyboards, monitor section to sufficient rack space, very reachable due to the angled build; from the huge PC compartment to the very practical shelf for disk drives and other accessories to the optional monitor arm: all of this for a very affordable price!