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Triad-Orbit Orbit 2 - O2 / Dual Orbital Boom

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Thumb orbit 2 o2 dual orbital boom e1701f3aaa


ORBIT 2 Dual Orbital Booms feature a unique dual-arm design - each arm is equipped with the proprietary ORBIT ball swivel mechanism — making it the 'go-to' stand for stereo or dual miking assignments such as grand pianos, upright basses, snare drums (top & bottom), guitar and vocals, choirs, big bands, and orchestras. ORBIT 2 Booms do the work of two stands, freeing up resources when multiple mics are called for and space is limited.

Dual boom arms are only part of the ORBIT 2 story. Anchoring ORBIT 2 is a novel center swivel that provides an additional 145 degrees of left-right motion to the boom arms. The COMPASS POINT ball swivel housing provides each O2 boom arm with precise, stable positioning whenever the arms are engaged. And IO Quick-Change Couplers terminate the end of every O2 arm, offering twice the versatility of conventional booms in a fraction of the time it takes for normal setups.

Single Arm Length: 20.5-29.25 in.
Single Arm Range of Motion: 360 x 230
Max. Dual Arm Span: 58.5 in.
Center Swivel Range of Motion: 145
Weight: 4.75 lb.