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Solid State Logic (SSL) Stereo Bus Compressor

500 Series version of the popular SSL Stereo Buss compressor. Dual width module

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The legendary sound of the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor has been glueing mixes together for 35+ years... available for 500 format racks.

Often imitated but never equaled, the centre section compressor from the 1980's G-Series analogue console is an audio production legend. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makes complete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive. It brings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity. To this day it remains a key element of the SSL sound and has featured on countless classic recordings. The availability of the Stereo Bus Compressor in a module for the 500 format makes this essential audio production tool available to users of the popular API 500 format modular rack platform.


Legendary sonic character of SSL Stereo Bus Compression

Six ratio settings ranging from 1.5:1 to 20:1

Five release settings and Auto Release function

Now includes a High Pass Filter that ranges from 'off' to 185Hz


Number of Channels1 (Stereo)
ControlsThreshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Makeup
Ratio1.5:1 to 10:1
Manufacturer Part Number729726X1

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