Royer Labs

Royer Labs was formed in 1998 to bring David Royer's unique, modern ribbon microphone designs to the world. When they first opened their doors, ribbon mics had been largely forgotten, but the R-121 and SF-12 quickly captured the imagination of recording enthusiasts around the world. This new generation of ribbon microphones proved to be a perfect match to the rise in popularity of digital recording, as engineers rediscovered the warmth, analog feel and smooth sound of ribbons. Today, Royers are found in studios and on live stages around the world.

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Medium r 101 496916a548

Royer Labs R-101


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Medium r 121 a51dd6cdb2

Royer Labs R-121


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Medium royer labs r 122 mk ii 197ce293fd

Royer Labs R-122 Mk II


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Medium r 122v 42df5e65e3

Royer Labs R-122V


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Medium sf 12 586b44764f

Royer Labs SF-12


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Medium sf 2 d0e62d2ff4

Royer Labs SF-2


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Medium sf 24 cce2c6eb2b

Royer Labs SF-24


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Medium sf 24v 2a75a6a647

Royer Labs SF-24V


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