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RAT Stands The Concert Stand

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A classic stand designed in contemporary style, the Concert Stand’s slender metal stem and elegantly formed natural wood tray perfectly complement the appearance of a modern or historic concert hall. Trays can be stained to match the appearance of the hall. This stand is perfect for professional musicians, on stage in the world’s top performing arts venues.

Friction locks

Friction locks automatically hold the tray at whatever angle you set. There are no knobs to fiddle with or lose, and it will never go slack.

Strong and rigid

The heavy-gauge steel stem is very strong and rigid. This stand doesn’t sway, and yet can be adjusted smoothly and easily to the desired height, where it stays automatically. The stem is coated in tough, scratch resistant epoxy.

Solid base

The base is made from tubular steel for strength and rigidity without excess weight. Rubber feet preserve your floor and prevent clatter if the stand in knocked. The base is coated in black nylon for ultimate durability.

Compact storage

Stands nest for compact storage

The Concert Pro Stand

The Concert Pro Stand has a thumb screw for height locking and its base is made of solid steel for extra stability.


The Concert Stand can be customised to your requirements. Options include specially stained trays to match your auditorium, your logo on the back of the tray, custom tray sizes, and our Classic tray made of nylon coated steel rods.