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Radial Engineering SB-48UB

Hi-Z to Lo-Z converter and 48V phantom power supply

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The Radial SB-48UB is a unique 48V phantom power supply that enables the artist to power a condenser microphone and then send the balanced signal into the unbalanced signal into a stage amplifier or effect pedal like a Radial PZ-DI acoustic preamp.

The challenge when using a condenser microphone with a preamp pedal, direct box or stage amp is that most of these only have unbalanced inputs. And as most phantom power supplies are only equipped with balanced inputs and outputs, making a proper connection is often difficult or impossible due to the impedance and level mismatch.

The SB-48UB is a single channel phantom power generator that converts the power from a 15VDC supply to 48 Volts for use with a condenser microphone or active direct box. Inside, the SB48-UB converts the signal to both a lo-Z balanced XLR output and a hi-Z unbalanced ¼" out. Both outputs may be used concurrently whereby the XLR could feed the PA while the ¼" out could feed a stage amp or pedalboard.


Circuit TypeNon-radiating phantom power supply
Number of ChannelsSingle channel for one microphone
XLR ConnectorLo-Z balanced microphone level output; AES standard pin-1= ground, pin-2= hot (+), pin-3= cold (-)
Hi-Z1x 1/4" (6.3 mm) unbalanced instrument level output; tip= hot, sleeve= ground
Phantom PowerSwitchable +48 V, +12 VDC
Power Supply15 VDC / 400 mA, external supply included

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