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Primacoustic FullTrap (Beige)

Broadband Absorber and Bass Trap

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The Primacoustic FullTrap is a highly effective bass trap that combines a diaphragmatic resonator, a full-size acoustic panel, and a sealed enclosure to provide 3-way absorption throughout the full frequency spectrum.

This unique design begins with a front-mounted 24" x 48" – 3" thick Broadway panel made from 6lb per cubic foot high-density glass wool fiber. This effectively absorbs frequencies down to 125Hz and extends below 100Hz. Behind the panel, a closed air space takes full advantage of quarter-wavelength principles to further reinforce low frequency absorption in this critical bass region.


High Performance wall mount bass trap

Suspended diaphragm absorbs bass below 50Hz

High density front absorber controls highs & mids

Ideal for small rooms where modes cause problems

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