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Neumann KM 184 DST

KM D stereo cardioid set, two each: KM 184 D, SG 21 BK, WNS 100 in one Woodbox

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$3,450.00 $2,760.00

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The nickel KM 184 D ST from Neumann is a matched, stereo pair of cardioid, pressure condenser microphones with an AES/EBU digital output and built-in A/D converter. Neumann continues to make strides in microphone technology with internal digital conversion and an AES/EBU 42 output standard that allows remote software operation with the DMI-2 digital microphone interface, or direct connection to AES inputs on digital mixers, field recorders, etc.The capsule, polar pattern and sonic characteristics are similar to the KM 184 analog model and is intended for live sound reinforcement and broadcast as well as recording applications. The cardioid polar pattern minimizes noise and off-axis audio signal. Vocals and instruments are captured without feedback, and ambiance. The KM 184 D features a non-reflective finish.

Stereo Matched Set

This package includes a stereo matched pair of KM 184 D microphones for precise stereo capturing of vocals, instruments, ambiance, etc.

AES/EBU Digital Output

The KM 184 D features a 24-bit AES/EBU digital output stage and built-in A/D converter for direct connection to the AES/EBU inputs on field-recorders, digital mixers, or the Neumann DMI-2 direct remote control unit.

AES/EBU 42 Standard

The digital output complies with the current AES/EBU 42 standard, which allows remote powering and software remote control via the optional DMI-2 interface.

Cardioid Polar Pattern

The cardioid polar pattern minimizes off-axis noise and feedback.

Compact Rugged Construction

The slim design and rugged construction allow easy microphone placement while remaining road worthy.


Bit Depth24-bit
Operating PrinciplePressure Gradient
Polar PatternCardioid
Frequency Range20 Hz to 20 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio70 dB CCIR81 dB A-Weighted
Equivalent Noise Level24 dB CCIR13 dB A-Weighted
Maximum SPL133 dB SPL151 dB SPL with 18 dB Pad Engaged
Sensitivity-39 dBFS
Power Requirements48 V+/- 4 V
Output Connectors3-pin XLR
Operating Current Consumption150 mA
Length4.25" (108 mm)
Diameter0.87" (22 mm)
Weight3.00 oz (85 g)