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Microtech Gefell UM 92.1 S

Large-Diaphragm Multi-Pattern Tube Microphone w/ M 7 capsule

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Perhaps the flagship model of the Microtech Gefell line of microphones this modern tube mic has many features only found in 40-50 year old microphones. Starting with its remarkably low noise tube amplifier and carrying over to the PVC backed diaphragms found in the capsule this mic is capable of just about everything. MT Gefell is the only company on the planet that still builds a faithful PVC backed capsule that was commonly found in early and revered Neumann microphones. These PVC backed capsules net a warm, deep, rich tone with an unparalleled quality for "air" and "breath" that have made them a vocal standard in much of the recording world. -Fletcher

The UM92.1 S studio microphone features the classic M 7 capsule which is renowned for its sound quality. This pressure gradient transducer uses two large diameter gold-plated plastic diaphragms. The capsules are selected for optimum polar response. Three directional characteristics (omni, cardioid and figure 8) can be selected with a pattern selector switch integrated into the power supply. This vacuum tube microphone has a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio and high sensitivity.

The UM 92.1 S has the typical fullbodied sound of tube microphones that are preferred by vocalists and soloists. The direction of maximum sensitivity is perpendicular to the microphone's axis (side addressed). The vacuum tube preamplifier is a well-established design equipped with a pentode working as high μ triode selected for its sonic characteristics.

The UN 920.1 power supply provides the polarization voltage for the capsule and the necessary DC voltages for the microphone's preamplifier. For cable lengths over 50 meters it is recommended to have your service provider set the heater voltage of the power supply to 5.8 volts.The UN 920.1 can be powered from AC mains with a primary voltage of 115 or 230 volts / 50 or 60 Hz.

The pattern selector switch and the on/off-switch are located on the front panel. The AC mains connector (with choice of voltage), the 7-pin Tuchel connector that powers the microphone and the standard 3-pin XLR connector for audio output are located on the rear panel.

The microphone is available in a satin nickel or a black matt finish.

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