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Microtech Gefell M930

Ultra-Compact Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

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The M930 is a compact, large diaphragm microphone that combines the latest Gefell M9 gold evaporated capsule with an optically isolated capsule amplifier for low self-noise, excellent dynamic handling and the added benefit of greater placement ease.

This is a very flexible microphone capable of stunning results when recording vocals, and acoustic instruments. A wonderful tool for the professional, and a GREAT microphone for the hobbyist looking to step into the high-end microphone world.

At first glance, it's almost hard to believe that this little guy has a full 1" M9 capsule nesting inside, let alone the various other features that make this microphone such a heavy hitter!

The M9 is mounted on a triangulated pedestal that deflects unwanted body reflections away from the diaphragm, reducing phase cancellation and the effects of comb-filtering which can mask harmonic details and limit the depth of field. The recently perfected electronic impedance converter reduces the noise-floor to an extremely low level while also raising the maximum output capability. Both the capsule, and electronics are elastically suspended inside the compact metal housing to reduce sensitivity to mechanical impact and structure born noise.

This microphone has exceptional dynamic range, and exhibits a very clean, and smooth sound.


Polar patternCardioid
Acoustic operating principlePressure gradient transducer
Frequency range40...18000 Hz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz21 mV/Pa
Output impedance100 Ω
Noise levelCCIR 468 - 413 dB
Noise levelDIN EN 606517 dB - A
Signal-to-noise ratio81 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio A - weighted87 dB
Max. SPL for THD142 dB
Dynamic range of electronics135 dB
Current consumption (P 48, DIN 45596, IEC 268-15)3,6 mA
Output connector3-pin XLR connector goldplated contacts
Weight without MH 93.1210 g
Dimensions ( L x Ø )118 mm x 45 mm
Finishsatin nickel, dark bronze

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