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Josephson Engineering C42MP

Cardioid Condenser Microphone, matched pair, black chrome finish (incl. clips and hard case with cut foam interior)

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The Josephson Engineering C42 is an all-purpose cardioid condenser microphone suitable for multiple recording applications including spot miking acoustic and amplified instruments, drums and drum overheads, ensemble and choir pickups, concert recording, sound effects and vocals. Standard C42 microphones are satin machined stainless steel for years of rugged use.

C42 electronics feature a selected discrete FET driving a fully balanced symmetrical transformerless discrete class-A output stage. The output impedance is low enough that very long cable runs may be used without signal degradation. Although the microphone is specified for full P48 phantom power, it will function with phantom power as low as 24 volts, with some limitation in maximum SPL.

A stereo kit, the C42MP, includes a matched pair of C42 microphones in matte black chrome finish and a protective hard shell case.


Output Level, mV/Pa8.5
Frequency Response (at 60 cm)40-20,000 Hz ±2 dB from curve
Equivalent Noise Level, A-weighted≤21 dB
Maximum SPL (with P48 power)135 dB
Output Impedance50Ω (recommended load ≥1KΩ)
Power RequirementsP48 phantom power, 4.5 mA
Temperature Range-10 to +50°C
Dimensions21mm diameter, 98mm long
Weight80 grams (
Connector3 pin XLR type, pin 2 positive polarity

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