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Genelec 8050

2-way active nearfield monitor

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Very high SPL output, high dynamic range, low colouration and wide frequency response characterise Genelec 8050B active monitor. The 8050B all-aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE™) contains drivers, power amplifiers, active crossover and protection circuitry. The surface optimized advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) provides outstanding frequency balance, stable and neutral sound imaging in all environments. 8050B features Genelec Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) circuitry which switches the monitor to standby when no audio input is detected (ErP 2013 Directive).

It is the monitoring tool for large recording studios, mastering suites, post-production houses, radio and TV broadcasting.


Configuration8" LF, 1" metal dome HF
Amplifier Power per Channel150W LF + 120W HF
Input FormatAnalog
Frequency Response38 - 20,000Hz (±2.0 dB)
Maximum SPL@1 m >110 dB
Maximum Peak Acoustic Output per Pair@1 m >120 dB
Max. Recommended Listening Distance2.3m (7'6")
Audio Connectors (Input)XLR
Dimensions452 x 286 x 278 mm (173⁄4 x 111⁄4 x 11 in.)
Weight12.7 kg (28 lb)

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