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Genelec 7040A Studio Subwoofer

Single 6" active subwoofer

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Offering a professional and reliable low frequency reproduction system in a transportable package the Genelec 7040A is the ideal companion to complement Genelec 8010 and 8020 monitors. It extends the low frequency response down to 30 Hz and uses Genelec's patented Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE™) technology which provides precise bass articulation and extended low frequency capacity. This stereo subwoofer system can produce 100 dB of undistorted SPL using a 6.5 inch woofer and a powerful Genelec-designed Class D amplifier.

With its very small footprint, the 7040A is the subwoofer solution for recording and composing/project studios, mobile vans and portable recording systems.


ConfigurationSingle 61⁄2" LF
Amplifier Power per Channel50W
Input FormatAnalog
Frequency Response35 - 85/120Hz (± >3 dB)
Maximum SPL@1 m >100 dB
Audio Connectors- Input: 2 x XLR analog
- Output: 2 x XLR analog
Dimensions410 x 350 x 205 mm (161⁄8 x 133⁄4 x 81⁄8 in.)
Weight11.3 kg (24.9 lb)


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