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Focusrite RedNet HD32R

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RedNet HD32R is a 1U, 19in rack-mount Dante interface that allows Pro Tools|HD users direct access to the full benefits of the Dante digital audio networking system, including its uniquely flexible network topology and premium quality audio interfaces. The Pro Tools system is connected to the HD32R via standard Mini DigiLink ports. HD32R acts as a 64-channel (32 in/32 out) digital break in/out box, operating in the same way as a standard interface, and supporting a wide range of Pro Tools|HDX and HD cards. Up to six HD32R modules can be used with a Pro Tools|HDX system and three with Pro Tools|HD, allowing the maximum channel count for either. The HD32R features a rugged, roadworthy exterior and high internal build quality, with Ethernet and power supply redundancy. In addition, it offers a compact 1U rack-mount form factor for a full 32 channels of I/O.


Allows Dante Ethernet-based audio networking products to interoperate fully with Pro Tools|HD & Pro Tools|HDX

Ethernet and power supply redundancy with auto switchover in case of failure and locking connectors

Provides the vital link to create an extensive high-quality audio network based on standard Cat 5e or Cat 6 wiring, bringing the latest advances in digital audio networking to Pro Tools|HD

Cost-effectively increase audio I/O quality and flexibility with RedNet interfaces

Permits multiple workstations to access the same interface hardware and I/O

No changes to Pro Tools workflow required – simple, logical assignment of RedNet I/O to Pro Tools|HD inputs and outputs

Up to 32 I/O with Pro Tools|HD over single DigiLink connection per RedNet HD32R

Additional Avid/Digidesign interfaces may be connected to expansion ports

Upgrade to RedNet interfaces while remaining fully compatible with TDM- or AAX-DSP-based plugins and saved sessions


Computer ConnectivityIP Network
Form FactorRackmount
Simultaneous I/O32 x 32
Digital Inputs1 x BNC (Loop Sync)
Digital Outputs1 x BNC (Loop Sync), 2 x DigiLink
Clock I/O1 x Word Clock (In), 1 x Word Clock (Out)
Data I/O2 x etherCON Ethernet
Rack Spaces1U
Manufacturer Part NumberRedNetHD32R

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