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Focusrite RedNet D64R

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RedNet D64R provides the link between a Dante Ethernet-based audio system and any MADI / AES10 setup. D64R supports up to 64 channels of both coaxial and optical MADI interfaces and is completely bi-directional, allowing the use of any Dante components including RedNet’s high quality interface products with a MADI system – or MADI components with a Dante system. D64R features a sample rate converter (SRC) on each input and output allowing interfacing between MADI and Dante irrespective of the sample rate at which either system is operating. Connect a Dante network to MADI-based digital consoles, computer cards, converters and much more. In addition to both coax and optical MADI interfaces, RedNet D64R provides Word Clock in and out. The D64R features a rugged, roadworthy exterior and high internal build quality, with Ethernet and power supply redundancy. In addition, it offers a compact 1U rack-mount form factor for a full 64 channels of I/O.


Connects a MADI system and a Dante network seamlessly together. Connect Dante to digital mixing consoles, interfaces and cards that use MADI; or extend a MADI system with RedNet’s versatile, superb-quality audio interfaces and connectivity – or any other Dante compatible devices.

Built-in redundancy with dual locking power and etherCON network connectors.

Supports both coax and optical interfaces – connect simply to any MADI equipment.

Slave either the Dante system or MADI streams to an external clock

Supports up to 64 channels of digital audio I/O at standard sample rates (44.1/48kHz) from a MADI system, 32 channels at 96kHz and 16 at 192kHz.

Sample rate conversion (SRC) on each input and output, allowing MADI and Dante systems to operate simultaneously at different sample rates.

Simple 1U rack-mount module with the classic red aluminium faceplate.

RedNet Control and Dante software allow remote routing and control from the audio computer system via a software control panel – no hardware patching required.


Computer ConnectivityIP Network
Form FactorRackmount
Simultaneous I/O64 x 64
Digital Inputs1 x BNC (MADI Coaxial), 1 x Optical (MADI)
Digital Outputs1 x BNC (MADI Coaxial), 1 x Optical (MADI)
Clock I/O1 x Word Clock (In), 1 x Word Clock (Out)
Data I/O2 x etherCON Ethernet
Rack Spaces1U
Manufacturer Part NumberRedNetD64R

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