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Focal Twin 6Be (single)

3-way Near-Field Shielded Monitor

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The Focal Twin6 Be is an active, three-way, professional near-field/midfield speaker (three built-in amplifiers - 2x150 +100W rms), comprised of two 6.5" (16.5cm) “W” cone sandwich composite drivers, loaded by two large section laminar bass ports and a Focal inverted dome pure Beryllium tweeter. Both 6.5” drivers handle low frequencies but only one of the two is passing lo-mid frequencies.

Listen to your music, not to your speakers

These few words embody the philosophy of the Focal Professional Division. It is crucial for engineers, be it in music production, post-production or broadcast, to be able to completely trust what they are hearing. Our products are designed from the ground up to be professional tools that reproduce the reality of sound without enhancements or degradations.

A speaker that “reveals”

A tracking engineer needs to be able to capture the exact tone of the instrument he’s recording with his microphones; he needs to discern the slightest shift in microphone position, EQ, or compression on his monitors. A mixing engineer needs to be able to place various instruments and vocals in his mix with precision. The smallest details need to come out clearly on his monitors, i.e., reverbs and spaces, and they need to be reproduced at their proper levels without any artificial alteration of the soundstage.

A speaker that “translates”

The mixing engineer also needs to be able to make sure that his mix sounds as good on other speaker systems in other environments. Usually, when a mix is done, the engineer will make a copy of it and go listen to it in a car or on a boom box, just to make sure that everything sounds the same everywhere. In essence, the engineer wants to make sure his mix translates well everywhere it gets listened to. A completely transparent speaker, that doesn’t impart a “color” to the sound, is the best way to insure perfect mix translation.

Our Speakers “reveal” and “translate” better than others. Why?

Focal Professional Division designs its products from the ground up to fulfill the specific needs of professional sound engineers: to reproduce sound as naturally and precisely as possible. The truth, and nothing but the truth. Our R&D labs have put all their knowledge and savvy into action to combat any coloration or distortion that could appear throughout all areas of the speaker. Even the slightest coloration can hinder the integrity of the signal’s reproduction. It’s easy to understand how a self vibrating speaker enclosure can blur the original signal, and the same goes for the drivers, the integrated amplifier, the padding, the finish, etc, etc.


Power ConfigurationTri-amped
LF Driver Size6.5" (Sub), 6.5" (Mid)
LF Driver TypeCone
LF Driver MaterialComposite Sandwich
HF Driver Size1"
HF Driver TypeInverted Dome
HF Driver MaterialPure Beryllium
LF Driver Power Amp150W (Sub), 150W (Mid)
HF Driver Power Amp100W
Total Power400W
Frequency Range40Hz-40kHz
Maximum Peak SPL115dB SPL (peak @ 1m)
Enclosure TypeSealed
Input Types1 x XLR
Weight30.8 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number#FOPRO-TWIN6BE

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