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Coles 4050 Stereo Ribbon Microphone

The Coles 4050 is a stereo mic, that transforms from its stereo configuration into two completely separate mono mics. The mic mount has magnets that allow the two mono mics to connect together transforming it into a very flexible stereo mic. The 4050 was developed from the critically acclaimed Coles 4040 capsule that features extended frequency response and high output making it a very versatile capsule. With the addition of an extra mic mount the user has a pair of 4050 mono figure 8 microphones.

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The 4050 Stereo Studio Ribbon Microphone with it's bold new look, greater output, and a wider frequency response, has been developed using the latest magnet technology.

The frequency response of the 4050 is exceptionally flat from 30 to 20,000 c/s, and throughout this range the shape of the bi-directional (figure of eight) polar response is maintained substantially constant both in the horizontal and vertical planes.

The 4050 is a versatile microphone and is ideally suited to many critical recording applications. Its smooth frequency response characteristics and ability to capture detail make it a fine choice for many instruments. There is no discernible stray magnetic field and the 4050's come with their own unique shock mount which magnetically attaches the microphones and enables them to be used as a stereo pair or on their own. The microphones can be easily rotated through 360 degrees making them very easy to mount in a "Blumlein" (crossed figure-of-eight) stereo configuration or any other configuration of choice.

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