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Coles 4040 Studio Ribbon Microphone

The Coles 4040 is a new Studio Ribbon Microphone with built in shock mount, flat frequency response from 30 Hz. To 20,000 Hz. and higher output. Supplied with universal stand mount, carrying case and velvet bag.

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The 4040 is one of the newest additions to the Coles line of ribbon microphones. With a bold look, greater output, and a wider frequency response, the Coles 4040 is sure to complement any studio microphone cabinet.

This is the first ribbon microphone that Coles have developed using the very latest magnet technology. The frequency response of the 4038 is exceptionally flat from 30 to 15,000 c/s but where the 4038 starts to drop off, the 4040 carries on past 20,000 c/s and throughout this range, like the 4038, the shape of the bi-directional (figure of eight) polar response is maintained substantially constant both in the horizontal and vertical planes, giving a natural smooth sonic quality textured response to sound signal being picked up. There is also no discernible stray magnetic field, making it very easy to mount head to head in a "Blumlein" (crossed figure-of-eights) stereo configuration.

The 4040 has some unique features, the ribbon/magnet assembly has its own in built shock mounts separating it from the main body of the microphone. Each microphone comes in a foam lined rigid plastic carrying case with an adjustable universal stand mount and a soft cloth protective bag, for safe keeping.

The 4040 has been designed around neodymium super magnets mounted in a carrier, so external stray magnetism is eliminated, it also has inbuilt triple shock mounts and additional internal covers, which further protect the ribbon element.

The basic design of the ribbon microphone remains the same, but with the use of modern day magnetic materials, we are able to greatly reduce the size of the magnet and still have more magnetism, which in turn extends the frequency range of the microphone.

The factors that give Coles ribbon microphones their unique character, are the smoothness of their sound, backed up with ruler-flat response curves. The bottom end is huge and has incredible subtlety and power and at the top end remains very detailed and warm. These microphones possess a smooth transparency and accuracy that you rarely hear from even the best condensers.

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