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Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone

The Coles 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone is a BBC designed broadcast/studio recording microphone with exceptionally flat frequency response from 30 Hz. to 15,000 Hz. The 4038 provides a natural, smooth sonic quality and textured response to the sound signal and comes supplied with 4069 XLR Connector, carrying case, velvet bag, and Rigid Mic Mount. Please specify if a matched pair is required (no charge)

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The 4038 Studio Ribbon Microphone is of British Broadcasting design (BBC) and used for broadcasting and recording such sounds where a clear smooth wide range frequency response, absent of transient distortion and relatively high sensitivity is essential.

The 4038 has a proven reliable performance capability, being since its introduction, used by broadcasting networks throughout the world such as the BBC.

The frequency response of the 4038 is exceptionally flat from 30 to 15,000 c/s and throughout this range the shape of the bi-directional (figure of eight) polar response is maintained substantially constant both in the horizontal and vertical planes, giving a natural smooth sonic quality textured response to sound signal being picked up.

Studio microphones have now achieved a remarkable fidelity of reproduction. If the microphone is not close to perfection, there is no point in having expensive systems to take the sound the rest of the way to the audience's ears.

In the world of sound, the BBC has always been the leader, and is still regarded as the 'setter of standards'.

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