Coles Electroacoustics has manufactured the superb BBC-designed ribbon microphones in the UK for over 47 years.

Originally designed for radio and television broadcast, Coles Ribbon Mics have become one of the primary tools of choice throughout the sound recording industry.

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Medium 4038l 99e16303f1

Coles 4030L


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Medium 4038 86f2a2f941

Coles 4038


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Medium 4040 462f79f046

Coles 4040


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Medium coles 4050 mono 7d973d6663

Coles 4050 Mono


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Medium 4050 stereo 55b3f5c063

Coles 4050 Stereo


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Medium coles 4104b 15152ae141

Coles 4104B


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Medium coles 4115 aa74909814

Coles 4115


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