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Chandler Limited LTD-1

Preamp / EQ

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The Chandler Limited LTD-1 is a hand wired and handmade 10-series equalizer and pre amp using parts and build techniques from the original manufacture of the modules. Grounding, wiring techniques, original transformers, transistors, and inductors have been used to attribute to the special sound in each LTD-1.

In addition to the classic 10-series sound we added all the modern functions you would expect and expanded the EQ section giving a much larger palate to choose from. Features include high impedance direct in, 48v switching, output fader, EQ in/out, phase reverse, balanced mic in, balanced line in, overbuilt power supply to ensure maximum headroom, and nine additional EQ points.

All LTD units require and function on the PSU-1, Chandler Limited power supply. The PSU-1 has an internal switch for setting voltage to 120V or 220V (115V/230V).

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