Neumann2 Years

The original Neumann product you have purchased is covered by a warranty of 24 months. The limited warranty applies only to products that belong to the time of purchase to the current Neumann sales program. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of brand new, unused products by the first end user. Please retain your sales receipt (or your warranty certificate) as proof of purchase. Unless you submit proof of purchase, which will be verified by your local Neumann service partner, you will be obliged to pay for any repairs that are carried out. Proof of purchase must state the date of purchase and name of the product.

If, within the warranty period, the product is determined to be defective (at the date of original purchase) due to improper materials or workmanship, Georg Neumann GmbH or their service partners will, without charge for labour or parts, repair or (at the discretion of Georg Neumann GmbH) replace the product or its defective parts.

Georg Neumann GmbH or their service partners may replace defective products or parts with new or refurbished products or parts. All products and parts replaced become the property of Georg Neumann GmbH or their service partners.

  • minor faults or deviations in the quality of a product which do not affect the product’s value or fitness for its intended purpose