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Blue Bluebird

Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condesner Mic

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In a departure from its normally application-specific designs, Blue engineered the Bluebird to be as versatile as possible. Designed for applications ranging from vocals and electric and acoustic guitars, to close-miking of drums, drum overheads, percussion, piano, horns, and strings, virtually any application is enhanced by the Bluebird's crystal-clear sound. In addition to the microphone itself, the Bluebird includes a specially designed shockmount and metal mesh pop filter. No matter your sound, the complete Bluebird package offers today's musician an astounding recording experience¬ó all in one nest!

Capsule Design

Behind every hit record is a great song. Like a song is to music, the capsule is the foundation of every great microphone. The core belief at Blue Microphones is that great sound originates in the design and manufacturing of the capsule; this is the reason why each of our professional microphones utilizes its own proprietary design. Blue's unique 'tunable' backplate enables us to dial-in each capsule to precisely capture a specific sonic signature, resulting in great recordings every time that require little, if any, post production assistance.

Proprietary Mylar

Blue's focus on capsule design extends all the way to the materials and manufacturing standards necessary to achieve the results required by Blue's engineers. To create a capsule capable of capturing the emotion and intensity of any recording, Blue's engineers have developed a proprietary mylar formulation, which is 'sputtered' with a custom-specified alloy coating. This unique capsule film is then mated to precision-milled backplates that are produced to Blue's exacting quality specifications. The result is outstanding musicality and utterly consistent performance.

Discrete Electronic Components

Our professional microphones receive the highest quality electrical components that can be sourced from around the world. Many are specially constructed for us, oftentimes at an expense exponentially higher than that of components used in other microphones. These selections are the result of more than 20 years of engineering and experimentation and represent an investment in quality that increases microphone speed, decreases distortion, reduces product variance, and creates lasting reliability. When the sum of these components is coupled with our remarkable capsules, they create a sound that is years ahead of the competition, and a sound that will last for years to come.

Cleanest Path Possible

The key to attaining audio perfection is to create the purest signal path possible. To deliver the cleanest audio path, there are no pads or filters between the capsule and microphone circuit in any Blue Microphone. Manufacturers and microphone designs of the past were bound by the constraints of the analog and vinyl recording process, requiring filters and pads to compensate for the poor dynamic range inherent to the equipment of the time. Blue Microphones are instead designed to harness the full bandwidth of digital audio technology, combining the presence and feel of the finest vintage microphones without suppressing the most emotive aspects of the audible spectrum or the detail of modern recording.


Microphone TypeCondenser
Polar PatternCardioid
Diaphragm Size0.98" (25mm)
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
Max SPL138dB
Output Impedance50 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio87dB (A weighted)
Self Noise7dB (A weighted)
Weight1.06 lbs.
Included AccessoriesShock Mount, Pop Filter, Wood Box
Manufacturer Part NumberBLUEBIRD

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