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Blue Blue Bottle Mic Locker

Flagship Bottle tube mic mic with interchangeable capsule system includes B0, B6, B7 and B8 capsules. Shockmount and SKB case included

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The Blue Microphones Bottle Mic Locker is the world’s only complete tube mic locker in one package. Featuring the legendary Blue Bottle tube microphone, a variable sensitivity power supply, and 4 stunning Blue Bottle Caps, Bottle Mic Locker provides the ultimate artisanal blend of modern and vintage textures. Walk into recording sessions with an incredible collection of tube mics, all housed in a custom-designed SKB® hard shell case. Bottle Mic Locker gives you the power to choose the perfect mic sounds for unforgettable performances.


Bottle Mic Locker includes four Bottle Caps, each delivering its own sonic inspiration:

  • B0 Bottle Cap– Silky, extended presence
  • B6 Bottle Cap– Classic warmth, larger-than-life sound
  • B7 Bottle Cap– Vintage detailed mids with airy presence
  • B8 Bottle Cap– Crystal-clear sound with incredible detail


Bottle Mic Locker features four interchangeable Bottle Caps that deliver distinct tonal characteristics—like having a mic locker full of tube mics at your fingertips. Bottle Mic Locker enables any recording engineer to accomplish a full vocal mic shootout with just a single mic on a single stand. Simply hot swap between capsules to find the sound that brings out the magic in any vocal performance.

Looking for the right mic for your vocalist? The Bottle Mic Locker makes the process of auditioning mics faster and easier. Now you can move quickly between classic and modern sounds to find the right match for your talent.
Layering multiple vocal tracks? Instead of using a single mic for all of your lead and backing vocals—which can result in a muddy-sounding mix—use a different mic capsule for each vocal track. They will blend into a rich, balanced and colorful palette.
Need to capture the right sound to match the vibe of the song? Choose the right capsule and let the Bottle do the work for you while you track—instead of spending hours afterwards with EQs and plugins.


If you’re thinking about investing in a new mic, consider the creative power and flexibility that Bottle Mic Locker brings to your studio. Shoot out all four capsules to find the right sound, layer tracks with different capsules for richer, larger-than-life mixes, and explore new tones for your instruments—all with one portable package. The system comes housed in a road-ready SKB® hard-shell case, complete with microphone, four capsules and power supply. Now you can show up to any recording session with your own mic locker in hand.


The Bottle stands alongside the most iconic recording mics of the 20th century, blending modern technology with the soul of legendary vintage microphones to deliver a unique voice of its own. The Bottle’s Power Stream power supply delivers consistent power microphone and also helps you fine-tune your sound. Power Stream offers a nine-step sensitivity knob that lets you set the right polarization voltage to achieve your desired sound. To top it off, the Bottle’s system of interchangeable mic capsules offers limitless versatility and unparalleled tone for recording any sound source.


  • Bottle
  • Power Stream power supply
  • 4 Interchangeable Bottle Caps (B0, B6, B7, B8)
  • Custom SKB Hard Shell Carry Case

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