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Adam Audio A3X

Nearfield Monitor, 2 way with 4.5" woofer

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Particularly interesting for the quality-conscious user on a tight budget is the most compact monitor of the AX-Series, the A3X. Specially designed for studio environments with limited space, the A3X easily meets professional requirements. Three-dimensional spatial representation, a controlled, deep bass response and accurate sound reproduction, especially in the critical areas between 200 and 400 Hz, make it the first choice for smaller, even mobile studio setups.

With the A3X, analytical listening is possible without taking away musical enjoyment. Its excellent transient response and ability to easily play very dynamic tracks in all musical genres let it clearly stand out from comparable monitors in this price range.


The ‘Stereolink’ is a useful feature for desktop DAWs. Two additional input and output jacks for the second stereo channel allow you to control the volume for both monitors using the volume control of only one loudspeaker. The volume control of the other monitor only affects its own volume in order to easily compensate for differences in listening distance. Unlike the typical master-slave configuration, each A3X monitor is fully equipped and can function either as a master or a slave unit.

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